The downsides To Unlimited Web Hosting

The downsides To Unlimited Web Hosting

If you’re looking to create a website for your business, you’ll need to buy a domain name, solicit the services f a web hosting company and choose the best content management system like WordPress or Drupal. The biggest challenge is choosing a web hosting provider. While different hosting providers have different hosting plans, there are those that provide unlimited hosting, which means unlimited bandwidth and storage space and you only pay a specific monthly fee for that.

However, experts in the web hosting business argue that there is never unlimited web hosting service. What these companies offer is a stable, strong and reliable service that is propped up by 24/7 support team. Although unlimited web hosting is pitched as an awesome deal, here are the downsides of it that you should know:

   The storage space in unlimited web hosting is not unlimited

Regardless of the number of servers a web hosting company has, the reality is that there is always a limited amount of storage space. Like the experts ‘say, there is nothing like unlimited storage space. These hosting companies pitch that they offer unlimited storage space, but in reality, they attach a list of service terms that restrict you to a certain amount of storage space. To the client, the concept of unlimited hosting is misleading.

   The bandwidth in unlimited web hosting plan is not always unlimited

The same is true about bandwidth. Most companies pitch that they offer unlimited bandwidth, but in actuality, they don’t. Bandwidth is not cheap, it costs money and hosting servers can only transfer a specific data amount every second, which hinges on the port speed that the servers and linked to. Also, the fine print comes with certain caps, which means your website might just be suspended if you use too much bandwidth with an unlimited plan.

   Some unlimited web hosting companies say they host unlimited websites

Most hosting providers do not state the number of websites you can host with the unlimited plan. This usually ends up with disputes. Some people may host up to 100 websites on the same shared server on a $30 per month plan. If you multiply that by all websites on the same server, you end up with a pathetic hosting environment, slow website load speeds and downtimes, to be exact.


Note that many web hosting companies use the word unlimited to attract many clients to their service, only to end up not getting the real unlimited plan they pitched. So choose your web hosting company wisely.

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